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How should I choose a coffee?

We roast to balance sweetness, acidity and fullness of flavor for you to enjoy our coffees on any brew method. It all boils down to the beans and preference. First think about what flavor profile you like. All of our coffee have flavor notes listed to help guide you to a preference you might enjoy. From variety and region to roast and grind. Think about the flavors you enjoy then choose an offering that reflects a palatable experience.

What is the quality of the coffee?

We use specialty grade beans for optimal flavor and our coffee is roasted to order so it’s as fresh as it gets.

What is single-origin coffee?

Single-origin coffee refers to coffee that comes from a single geographical location, such as a particular farm or region. This type of coffee is prized for its unique flavor profile, which is influenced by the specific climate, soil, and altitude of the region where the coffee is grown.

What is blend coffee?

Blend coffee is made by combining beans from multiple regions or farms. The goal of blending coffee is to create a consistent flavor profile that appeals to a broad range of tastes.

Why does the grind size matter?

You can grind the same coffee beans into different sizes. Each type, however, has its own benefits. When brewing coffee, there are three main things to think about which are flow rate, extraction time and contact time. The extraction rate of coffee grounds increases with a larger surface area. To increase surface area, grind the coffee finer. The higher the extraction rate, the less contact time is required. A finer grind can reduce the flow rate of water, increasing the contact time.

Which grind is best for me?

Get the best grind required for the brew method you prefer.

What is course grind?

Coarse grind is popular as it is commonly used in French press, Chemex and other processes that demand a longer extraction time of approximately 4 minutes. Cold-brew coffee can also be made using coarse-ground coffee. Coarsely ground coffee has bigger pieces and it looks similar to kosher salt. It is commonly used for brewing procedures that need repeatedly running hot water over the grounds. Not only is this longer brewing time perfect to help extraction, but the larger grinds will also not slip through the mesh strainer used in this method.

What is standard grind?

Standard or medium grind is what many coffee shops will use for a regular cup of drip coffee. Its consistency is very similar to sea salt. Your single-cup brewers typically use this grind along with most pour-over brewers. Syphon coffee makers and Aeropress brewers that require 3+ minutes of brewing time also use medium grind.

What is espresso grind?

An espresso grind is a very finely ground coffee, like powdered sugar. To make an espresso coffee, water is heated and pushed through ground coffee at a really high pressure. If the coffee grind is too coarse, the water will rush straight through and you’ll end up with a watery coffee. A good espresso is typically extracted in 20 to 30 seconds under high pressure. Because of the shorter brewing time, the fine grind size allows for more of the coffee’s solubles to be extracted. Standard home espresso machines and stove-top (Moka pot) espresso machines use a fine grind.

After placing an order, how long does it take to ship?

Orders are shipped within 1-5 business days. All orders are roast-to-order and hand packed. Our value comes from being able to provide the freshest coffee available. The coffee is shipped the same day it is roasted on whole bean coffee and shipped the day after roasting on ground coffee to allow for natural outgassing. Once shipped, it can take an additional 1-5 business days depending on your location via standard ground shipping by USPS. All orders come with tracking information that we update your order with.

How should I store coffee?

The general rule of thumb with coffee storage is to keep it away from light, heat, moisture, and air. We recommend storing your coffee in an opaque airtight container at room temperature. This helps keep your coffee fresh as possible.

What’s the shelf life for coffee?

It’s best to use coffee up to 4 weeks after its roast date. We recommend storing coffee in an airtight container, room temperature and out of direct sunlight. This helps keep the shelf life longer.